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Chapter Newsletter

We are pleased to make issues of our chapter informational newsletter available to all web visitors.

In addition to sharing news with the general public, this page also is a quick and easy archive for members. Members will also continue to receive personal copies through email at this time.

Members wishing to receive printed and mailed issues should contact the Editor. Prices have not been set yet for this hard copy option but full color and black or white hard copy are possible.
Contact us if interested in purchasing traditionally printed editions.

Volume 4, Number 6: March 2018

Volume 4, Number 5: February 2018

Volume 4, Number 4: January 2018

Volume 4, Number 3: December 2017

Volume 4, Number 2: October 2017

Volume 4, Number 1: September 2017

Volume 3, Number 9: August 2017

Volume 3, Number 8: July 2017

Newsletter Extra: June 13, 2017 - Mrs. Robert T. Hansen, Honorary President of General's Passing

Volume 3, Number 7: May 2017

Volume 3, Number 6: April 2017

Volume 3, Number 5: March 2017

Volume 3, Number 4: February 2017

Volume 3, Number 3: January 2017

Volume 3, Number 2: November 2016

Volume 3, Number 1: September 2016

Volume 2, Number 4: July 2016

Volume 2, Number 3: June 2016

Volume 2, Number 2: April 2016

Volume 2, Number 1: August 2015

Volume 1, Number 4: May 2015

Volume 1, Number 3: March 2015

Volume 1, Number 2: December 2014

Volume 1, Number 1: July 2014

Organizational Newsletters available through members-only Yahoo Group or upon member's request.

Newsletter Chair/Editor

2016-2018: Fredrea Gregath Cook
2014-2016: Kathy Robinson

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