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Charleen Samuels Had a Goal

Charleen Samuels, member of Cowskin Prairie 2702 CWND, Baxter Springs, Kansas has a goal:  to reach at total of 2,000,000 manufacturer’s coupons for military families stationed overseas.  By the end of 2014 Mrs. Samuels had sent over 1.6 million coupons to military bases around the world.  She started the project over 7 years ago. 

The Cowskin Prairie Chapter was pleased to take on this most worthwhile service to our military families overseas.  It has become a special ongoing chapter project. 

The manufacturer’s coupons are collected from chapter members at each meeting and chapter event as well as family, friends, neighbors, organizations and church groups. Sometimes she receives just a handful, several hundred or larger amounts, such as the box left on her porch containing 4,000 clipped coupons, in bundles of 100 each, ready to ship.   

One can only guess at the dollar value of the coupons to military families.  At overseas bases the coupons can be used at commissaries up to 6 months after the expiration date.   Many letters have been received from military wives expressing their appreciation. 16,000 coupons are sent every 4-6 weeks, alternating between bases in England, Japan, Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Mrs. Samuels also leads projects to collect items for veteran’s centers.  She serves Cowskin Prairie Chapter 2702 in the office of Recorder of Military Service Awards.

This article was produced and submitted for publication in the UDC Magazine, 2015. It wasn't published at the time of her passing.

Photo Copyright 2014 - Jean Bohannan

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