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Mrs. Robert T. Hansen
Honorary President of General (2008-2017)
Organizing Member 2702
William Harvey Lackey - 4th VA Infantry Co. I

This Memorial Page contains photographs of Mary Jeanne with other 2702 members. All captions left to right, unless otherwise noted.


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President General Langford, Honorary 2702 Member and Mary Jeanne - Pictured at General 2007
Photo provided by Betty Kemp

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Barbara, Kathy, Mary Jeanne, and Betty, part of 2702's first delegation at General 2014.

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Mary Jeanne and Betty, General 2008.
Photo provided by Betty Kemp

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2702 Charter Signing 15 March, 2014
Mary Jeanne is top row, 2nd from left

Photo provided by Jaquie Cartmell, Organizing Historian

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