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Please note that Cowskin Prairie 2611, Oklahoma Division disbanded.
What 2611 accomplished

2611 History 2611 Officers 2611 individual Service - Oklahoma Division
2611 Scholarship
Oklahoma Division History Notes

Cowskin Prairie 2611 Archive

2611 Chapter Officers at Disbandment

Carrie Ann Cook President

Janet Weatherred Vice President: Scholarship Information

Kay Fleming  Recording Secretary

Jean Bohannan Treasurer

Fredrea Cook Registrar/Historian: 2611 History Notes

Our Members Who Have Served the Oklahoma Division

Fredrea Cook � Oklahoma Division 2nd Vice President 2009-2010: Scholarship Information

Carrie Ann Cook � Oklahoma Division Historian 2009-2010: 2611 History Notes

Congratulations and Felicitations from Chapter 2611 to Mrs. Robert T. Hansen, Oklahoma Division Ex-President, on her Honorary appointment at 2008 General Convention:
Elected Lifetime President of General

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