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Members on the Move Miscellaneous
(Been There)

These photos and memories are important to members, but don't currently have "their own space".

Members Nancy Calhoun, Kay Fleming, and Sherry Rollins always enjoy a good time.
Photo Copyright 2014 - Carrie Cook

Member (and Rosebud) Kay Fleming poses with her Mom (Sarah Strain Shepard), a proud "Rosie the Riveter".
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Photo Copyright 2014 - Rick Fleming

l-r: Members Sherry, Fredrea, Kathy, Nancy and Kay enjoy a break during an evening at General.
Photo Copyright - Carrie Cook

We honor the fallen, here Carrie participates in a SCV marking in Ardmore, OK
Photo Copyright - Fredrea Cook

Jordan Boyd (center), has put his UDC scholarships to use - he is currently director of the Dobson Museum, Miami, Oklahoma. Shown here with  Cowskin Prairie members (l-r) Carrie, Jean, Fredrea, Sherry, and Kay. Note the unique cameos which were sold to help fund the scholarships.

Photo Copyright - Jim Rollins

Member Elizabeth Dawn Fleming's Wedding, March 15, 2014
Photo Copyright 2014 -Wedding Photographer

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