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Insignia Committee

Official Insignia

Currently, official insignia information from the chapter is distributed to members via closed member list. Much can also be found in the General Notebook and in the members-only section at General. Member questions are always welcome!


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Pre-filled insignia order forms now on chapter elist!

If you are a member and would like to assist with this committee or have further questions, email the President.

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Chapter Pin

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Insignia FAQ

Q. Do blank spaces count as "letters" in engraving?
A. No - though periods (.), dashes (-), numbers, etc. are counted as "letters".

Q. Am I helping by stapling my order together?
A. No - use paper clips if need be: Do not use staples at all.
*Paper clips* USPS may request a non-machinable surcharge (21 cents as of January 21, 2018). It is suggested you fold everything for each order together - separately, to eliminate the need for fasteners. i.e. if ordering two different pins, send two separate folded paper "packets" in the envelope.

Q. Can I write one check for my entire order?
A. For single pin orders, one check is all that is accepted. However, if you are ordering more than one engraved set/pin, each order (on it's own order form), needs it's own check (made out to Treasurer General).

Q. In our chapter, do I make checks for official insignia out to our Treasurer, the chapter, or Treasurer General?
A. Treasurer General - all official insignia is paid to the Treasurer General; 2702 will not draft checks on member's behalf. For chapter pins and jewelry only, payment should be to Chapter Treasurer and include S&H if mailing is needed.

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